February 06, 2006


You can have a much better look at us, listen to some songs, see upcoming shows and leave your comments on www.myspace.com.

search for alone in 1982.

yeah, we are that indie.

bye bye blogger.

January 31, 2006

Concert - Show

Almost Confirmed - A Confirmer
Friday 02/24/06 - Vendredi 24/02/06
@ Un autre monde (rue pery / toulouse)
With - Avec
Fuck Buddies (lonely folk) fuckbuddies.free.fr
Charlie's Angels (rock steady go)
Alone in 1982 (country sad ballads)

December 31, 2005

we are alone in 1982

alone in 1982 is a band.

He's matt and i'm joe.
We live and breathe in southwest of france, in sad and beautiful pinky toulouse.
The two of us have been playing together for quite a while now, in several bands, so it's not a surprise to have a "band of our own", with just the two of us.

He plays the drums.
I play guitar and sing.

The songs we play are essentially influenced by chokebore and anything with a down tempo indie pop smell.
We have been recording songs during the past monthes, planning to release a cd-r album.
This is done.
We are now mixing it.
This is being done.

We are not smart enough to build a site so far, so here is a blog to keep in touch with alone in 1982 stuff (that is pretty much nothing today):

there will be some news soon, and maybe shows.